The Problem

Personal Finance is growing more complex. The typical investor has numerous investment assets spread out across multiple IRAs, 401(k)s, and taxable brokerage accounts. Rather than PDFs filled with piecharts, investors are demanding a straight-forward analysis that consists of simple answers about where to locate their assets, what their chances are of achieving their goals, and how to make changes to their investments to increase their chances of success. They do not want to see theoretical charts, but rather a detailed simulation of possible outcomes.

Our Solution

We have created a quantitative framework, the Decipher Optimization Engine, with which we are able to analyze these problems. It is no longer sufficient to rely on conventional wisdom such as putting bonds in a particular type of account. Decipher makes global allocation decisions by incorporating all the individual constraints of the investor and delivering decisive recommendations based on a solid, defensible footing. Have a view on China? We can incorporate that view. Is a client concentrated in a few fixed stocks? We can work around that. Are multiple goals, such as college savings and retirement, at different time horizons? We can create a tax-optimal portfolio targeted around those specific goals. The Decipher Optimization Engine can then be used to analyze these decisions and create a true narrative around future performance that your clients can understand. To learn more, please contact us to receive our white paper.